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Hart Plain Junior School


Meet Our Governing Body

Governors - Academic Year 2017-18




Term of office (Appointed)

Pecuniary interest

 Mrs Helen Patis Parent Chair of Governors  4 years          (Jan 2017)  Employed by        Mayfield School
 Miss Rachel  Stewart Co-opted Vice Chair of Governors  4 years        (Nov 2014)  None
 Mrs Charlotte  Faithfull Headteacher    Ongoing  Employed by                  Hart Plain Junior School
 Mrs Charly  Luckett Staff Governor    4 years          (July 2014)  Employed by                  Hart Plain Junior School
 Mr Roy Leaning Co-opted    4 years              (Nov 2013)  Employed by                Hart Plain Junior School
 Mr Mike Lodge  Co-opted    4 years              (Nov 2013)  None
 Mrs Julie Quinn Local Authority    4 years        (Sept 2017) None
 Mrs Pauline Warnants Co-opted   4 years        (Sept 2017)  
 Currently Vacant Co-opted      
 Mr Dave Ansell Parent   4 years        (Sept 2017)  
 Mrs Emma Cooper Associate Member    1 Year              (Oct 2016)  Employed by                  Hart Plain Junior School

 Mrs Susie Smart