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Hart Plain Junior School


School uniform

The weather is more settled now so we'd like the children back in school uniform please.  Please click for more information. Many thanks.  23.01.13

Dear parents

The weather looks more settled now, and so I've told all the children that they should now revert to school uniform.

A couple of parents have asked me why I've allowed the children to be in 'own clothes' this week.  It's because I think it's easier to keep children warm with lots of layers, and also because it makes feeding the washing machine easier,  if you have a wider choice of clothes to put them in.  I hope this clarifies the reason.

Thank you to everyone for bearing with us while the weather has been so difficult, and for your feedback (both positive and negative!).  It does make a difference and I would prefer to know.

Thank you

Nicola Tettmar