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Hart Plain Junior School


School heating 04.02.13

Boilers not working yet - engineers expected soon. School chilly but not freezing so we will be open. Warm clothes please, school uniform optional today. More detailed email sent or click for more info. 

We have called the engineers - should be with us soon.  The school is chilly at the moment but not freezing.  If we can't get the heating fixed quickly, we will get some portable heaters in, although we may not be able to get the school quite up to its normal temperature. 

We are open as normal but please would parents decide if you feel that your child should not be in school if it's a bit colder than usual - for example, if your son or daughter has an underlying medical condition, or is recovering from a bug. Please phone school after 8:15 if you wish to discuss. 

Will update  you later. 

Many thanks

Nicola Tettmar