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Hart Plain Junior School


Further update on Industrial Action 17/10/2013

Most of school open - please click for further update


14th October 2013
Dear Parents
Planned Industrial Action 17th October 2013
I am very sorry to have to write to you with a change of plan at short notice.
I am afraid that 4P will now not be open on Thursday 17th October and so children in this class will not be able to come into school on that day. This will be recorded as a ‘Y’ code (Enforced Closure) rather than an absence, and so their attendance rate will not be affected.
I do understand that it may be difficult to arrange childcare at this late stage. I also regret the impact that it will have on the children’s education. Should the situation change between now and Thursday, I will, of course, let you know as soon as I can.
Yours sincerely
Mrs N Tettmar