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Hart Plain Junior School


2k a Day

What is 2K a day? 

After the success of Couch to 5km during lockdown, we decided to take on a new challenge this academic year.  We wanted something that would keep us motivated, be achievable and we could do often so as we could see the results.

In September we began our 2k-a-day initiative.  Each class has an allotted time and 4 times a week they go out together and walk, jog or run for 15 minutes. Although it is called ‘2k-a-day’ the distance isn’t compulsory and the aim of the initiative is for the children and staff to enjoy themselves, improve over time, and develop healthy habits for a lifetime.  Our aspiration is for everyone in school to build up their fitness levels and by the end of term be able to run the 2km.

Why is it important?

We feel that this challenge is important for the children and staff as they are outdoors together being physically active, improving their health and wellbeing with benefits ranging from physical, to emotional, social and mental.

Even after a relatively short time of embarking on this initiative, the children and staff have started to notice their fitness levels getting better and they are aware of the health benefits.

It would be unrealistic to expect us to all go out and run for 15 minutes straight away, so slowly and surely, as we did with the couch to 5km, we are building up the time that we spend jogging and lessening the time that we spend walking.  At the beginning of each half term, we will repeat a few weeks before trying to jog for 15 minutes.

How much movement will we do? 

Below is our aim as the half term progresses. 

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