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Hart Plain Junior School


Attendance Log

Governor Attendance at Full Governor Body Meetings in Academic Year 2018-19

Governor Number of meetings eligible to attend Number  attended
 Helen Patis 8 8
 Charlotte Faithfull 8 7
 Michael Lodge 8 7
 Roy Leaning 8 8
 Pauline Warnants 8 7
 Sonia Watton 5 3
 Claire Tunnicliffe 6 1
 James Mullineaux 6 6
Benjamin Holmes 1 1
Vickey Ferguson 1 1
Maria Morrell 1 1

Dates of Meetings for Academic Year 2018-19

Term Date
FGB Autumn 1 Thursday 20th September
HTPR Thursday 27th September
Pay Committee Wednesday 31st October
Extraordinarily FGB Wednesday 31st October
FGB Autumn 2 Thursday 29th November
FGB Spring 1 Thursday 24th January 2019
FGB Spring2 Thursday 28th March
FGB Summer 1 Thursday 16th May
FGB Summer 2 Thursday 13th June
FGB Summer 2 Thursday 11th July

Date of Meeting for Academic Year 2019-20

FGB Autumn 1 Thursday 19th September
Pay Committee  
FGB Autumn 2a Wednesday 24th October
FGB Autumn 2b Thursday 28th November
FGB Spring 1 Thursday 23rd  January 2020
FGB Spring2 Thursday 19th March
FGB Summer 1 Thursday 14th May
FGB Summer 2a Thursday 11th June
FGB Summer 2b Thursday 9th July