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Speech sounds

  • Model speech to the children by repeating words back to them correctly.


  • Give children time to process what you have asked and respond.
  • Use simple language and break instructions down into smaller steps.
  • Encourage children to answer questions, such as who, what, where, when and why? When reading their books. Encourage them to tell you the story in their own words.


  • Talk about all your experiences in detail, teaching new vocabulary all the time.
  • Discuss vocabulary in books, making sure the children understand the meaning of tricky words. 

Social Communication

  • Play lots of games with your child to encourage social skills, such as taking turns and winning and losing.
  • Use a visual timetable and visual aids to provide structure and routines.


Continue to work on Speech and Language targets set by the Speech and Language Therapist (if already seen).

Social skills games:


Different aspects of communication:

List of websites with free resources:

A guide developed by paediatric speech and language therapists giving hints and tips for parents, school staff, SLT staff, students and other professionals.

Vocabulary Activities:

Narrative Activities:

Language Activities :

Speech resources: