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Hart Plain Junior School



Following feedback from parent forums, please find below frequently asked questions about the routines and practices within school.  We hope that the answers to these questions will clarify any queries you may have, but please do not hesitate to contact Mr Fincham, Mrs Faithfull or Mrs Tettmar if you would like to discuss these further. 

How does my child get a new reading book? 

Your child will have the chance to change their reading book each morning before the register starts.  They are encouraged to do this independently.  If they come into class after registration has started they may be asked to wait until break time to change their books.

How do weekly spellings work? 

Children are either given printed spellings which they will stick in their Spelling and Reading diary or they will handwrite their spellings in their book (these will be checked by the class teacher).  Spellings are given out at the start of the week and the children are expected to practise these daily, at home in the “Home Spelling Sheet” and daily at school in their “School Spelling Sheet”.   In addition, the children are expected to write their spelling sentences at home.    The children are tested on their spellings at the end of the week or on the following Monday.

What is the best way to communicate with my class teacher? 

The best time to speak to your child’s class teacher is at the end of the day when you pick your child up.  You may be able to speak to the class teacher when you drop off your child but this may not always be possible due to class commitments (see below).  If you cannot speak to the class teacher during the day it is a good idea to write a note in the reading/spelling book  but please ask your child to let their teacher know there is a message as the reading/spelling books may only be checked a couple of times per week.  If you wish to speak to you child’s teacher in more detail then please make an appointment via the school office.

Why am I not always able to speak to my child’s teacher in the morning? 

Whenever possible the child’s teacher will try to speak to a parent, however, the class teacher may be busy trying to prepare for the days’ lessons or dealing with other children as they are coming in to class.  In this case, you can leave a message at the office who will pass on any details to your child’s teacher, or you could speak to a senior member of staff on the playground.  Depending on the day, the teacher may be able to call you back during assembly.

Why is it important that my child is in school for 8.30am? 

Between 8.30am and 8.45am your child gets themselves set up for the day.  They will use this time to practise their spellings and if necessary, change their reading book.  Registration happens at 8.45am prompt and the children with either be in assembly at 8.50am or start their days lessons.  If a child arrives during registration, they will not have time do their morning task and this can result in children getting upset.

What should I do if I have any concerns? 

The first person you should speak to if you have any concerns is your child’s teacher – they know your child and should be able to deal with any concerns straight away.  If you wish to speak to anyone else you can contact Mrs Faithfull or Mr Fincham, the Assistant Head Teachers, or Mrs Tettmar.
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