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Hart Plain Junior School


Home School Agreement


All schools are required to have a written home school agreement in place. 
The aim is to help raise standard and contribute to school effectiveness by enhancing the partnership between the school and parents.  The agreement sets out the role of school, parents and pupils in daily school life.
At Hart Plain Junior School our home school agreement is:

Our school values:


Our school values, which we share with Hart Plain Infant School, are:








We strive to make sure that everything we do in school reflects and reinforces our school values, and they are an integral part of our curriculum.


This means that we have both rights and responsibilities.


Our Rights and Responsibilities:


We have the right to a clean and safe school, and our responsibility is to keep it clean and safe.


We have the right to play, and our responsibility is to play sensibly and at the appropriate time.


We have the right to an education, and our responsibility is not to take it for granted.


We have the right to be respected, and our responsibility is to respect others.


We have the right to be ourselves, and our responsibility is to encourage others to be themselves.


Our school behaviour code

     the Golden Rules:


Do be gentle                              Do not hurt anybody

Do be kind and helpful               Do not hurt people’s feelings

Do work hard                            Do not waste your or other people’s time

Do look after property              Do not waste or damage things

Do listen to other people            Do not interrupt

Do be honest                    Do not cover up the truth

Pupils Will:


Be kind and thoughtful


  • To play with one another sensibly at play times.
  • To tell an adult straight away if there are any problems at playtime/lunchtime.
  • To not call each other names or hurt anyone.


Be confident


  • Be an independent learner.
  • Know which independent skills we have achieved and where our next steps are.
  • Remember to ask for help if it is needed.
  • Always have a go.


Be respectful


  • To follow instructions the first time they are given.
  • To talk in school: there is no need to shout.
  • To wear the correct uniform at all times.
  • To remember your manners, use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at all times.
  • Remember to hold the door open for each other.
  • To remember to greet people in a friendly way, smile.
  • To speak to each other and to adults in a respectful way.


Be responsible


  • To remember to look after your own equipment and have it ready for each lesson.
  • Complete any homework given and remember to hand it in on time.
  • To check your drawer and book bag and make sure you take letters home and show an adult.
  • To arrive at school on time, no earlier than 8.30am and no later than 8.45am.
  • Remember when you are travelling around the school to show respect to those working in class. Travel quietly and sensibly.
  • Make sure you have the correct P.E. kit in school at all times.
  • Take responsibility for our own actions, accept, make good and move on.
  • Understanding our rights in school and accepting our responsibilities.
  • To help keep our playground and school grounds clean and tidy.


Be co-operative


  • To work as part of a team.
  • To work as part of our class.
  • To work together as a whole school.




  • Make sure the outside doors are locked at all times.
  • To make sure an adult knows where we are at all times.
  • To walk through the school sensibly on the left hand side and in single file.
  • To make sure we do not let anyone into the school building, they must go to the office.
  • To check people have visitor badges and to inform the office if you are unsure of anyone.

Parent(s)/Carers WILL:


  • Ensure my child goes to school regularly, is on time (in school by 8.45am) and is properly equipped and dressed for the school day.
  • Inform the school of any concerns or problems that may affect my child’s work or behaviour.
  • Support the schools ethos and culture policy and guidelines on behaviour
  • Support and monitor my child in homework and other opportunities for home learning
  • Attend Parents’ Evening and discussions about my child’s progress
  • Be involved with my child’s life at school
  • Notify the school office before 9.00am of my child’s absence on the first day
  • Ensure contact details are kept fully up to date


The school will:


  • Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality or equipment.
  • Let the parents know of any concerns or problems that affect the child’s work or behaviour
  • Send home an annual progress report
  • Arrange parents evening during which there will be an opportunity to review your child’s progress
  • Keep parents informed about school activities through regular letters home, Newsletters and notices about special events.
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