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Hart Plain Junior School


Meet Our Governing Body

Governors - Academic Year 2018-19



Term of office (Appointed)

Pecuniary interest

 Mrs Helen Patis             (Chair) Parent  4 years  (Jan 2017)  Employed by        Mayfield School
 Mrs Charlotte  Faithfull Headteacher  Ongoing  Employed by                  Hart Plain Junior School
 Mr Roy Leaning Co-opted  4 years  (Nov 2018)  Employed by                Hart Plain Infant  School
 Mr Mike Lodge  Co-opted  4 years  (Nov 2018)  None
 Mrs Pauline Warnants Co-opted  4 years (Sept 2017)  
 Claire Tunnicliffe Staff  4 years (Oct 2018)  Employed at Hart Plain   Junior School
 James Mullineaux Parent  4 years (Nov 2018)  Governor at Hart Plain   Infant School
 Vickey Ferguson Co-opted  4 years (July 2019)  
 Maria Morrell Co-opted  4 years (July 2019)  
 Benjamin Holmes Local Authority  4 years (July 2019) Employed by The Petersfield School
 Mrs Susie Smart Clerk    
 Mrs Sonia Watton Co-opted 4 years (Sept 2018) Resigned 1st April 2019  Employed by Simply   Select

Committees (as of 16th May 2019)

  Pay Committee

 Helen Patis,   (Chair)           Mike Lodge,
 James Mullineaux

  HT Performance Review    Panel

 Mike Lodge,   (Chair)             Pauline Warnants,
 James Mullineaux