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Hart Plain Junior School


Our Behaviour Code


Behaviour Code Summary:
Theses amendments to our behaviour guidelines are designed to encourage good behaviour and effort, reduce inappropriate behaviour and to encourage a partnership between pupils, parents and staff.
Our new behaviour code guidelines are based around our Golden Rules:
Do be gentle                             Do not hurt anybody
Do be kind and helpful              Do not hurt people’s feelings
Do work hard                            Do not waste your or other people’s time
Do look after property              Do not waste or damage things
Do listen to other people           Do not interrupt
Do be honest                             Do not cover up the truth
We are introducing a wide range of rewards in order to recognise children’s good behaviour, effort and achievement. This ensures that there will be at least one reward which every member of our school is able to achieve:
Golden Time - All children who keep the Golden Rules are entitled to Golden Time. This time is half an hour during the week where children can choose from a choice of fun activities agreed with their teacher at the beginning of the week.
Presentations to which parents are invited:
1.        Celebration Assembly
The theme for Celebration Assembly is different each week, and children are presented with Merit Certificates by the Headteacher or a visitor to the school. 
2.       STEP (Sorry, Thank you, Excuse me, Please) awards – One child per class per half term. For children who consistently follow the STEP code.
3.       PTA Awards – two children per class at the end of the year for academic or pastoral achievment.
Headteacher Awards - given for excellent pieces of work or examples of good behaviour around the school.
Praise Points – for any child who behaves particularly well, works particularly hard or produces and particularly good piece of work can be rewarded with a Praise Point, to be recorded on a class chart. Children will receive bronze and silver certificates when they have received 20 and 50 Praise Points, and a gold certificate plus a badge when they have received 100.
Sanctions are applied as follows:
A gentle, non-confrontational verbal or visual reminder of appropriate behaviour
and a request to stop the inappropriate behaviour
Step 1               A child is given a verbal warning, the rule broken is explained to child and the child’s name is recorded on the class display
Step 2               The child’s name is moved to the next step on the class display, with a reminder of a) appropriate behaviour and b) that s/he is at risk of losing Golden Time
Step 3               The child loses 5 minutes of Golden Time for that week.
Step 4               The child is sent to the Team Leader for a lost lunchtime, who sends home a Lost Lunchtime slip to be signed and returned by parents. If a child loses all of their Golden Time, they will automatically receive a lost lunchtime.
Step 5               The child is sent to a member of the Senior Leadership Team
If a child persists in misbehaving beyond step 4, if there is a consistent pattern of misbehaviour
or in cases of extreme behaviour, then the Headteacher may issue a fixed term or permanent
exclusion, isolate the child from the class for a fixed period, invite the parents in to discuss the
child’s behaviour or su.pervise an after-school detention.


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