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Hart Plain Junior School


Press Gang Competition 2011

6 Children from our G&T group took part in the Annual Press Gang afternoon at Crookhorn College of Technology, 20th May 2011.

They were tasked to produce a news paper in under 2 hours including: interviewing, compiling, and choosing from a dozen possible stories a Front Page story and as many other articles as they could type in the limited time. 

Great fun was extracted the interchange of ideas and decision making on who would use the three laptops provided to each team and who would interview a selection for example from a mad scientist, old lady, a wanabe popstar ( Crookhorn year 11 Drama students) and later on two real local PCO's who reported a stolen bright red Ferrari!

The Certicates were presented and the winners announced, with all who could, determined to return next year for another attempt.

Pictures of the event are posted here

and here