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Hart Plain Junior School


Remote Learning

Welcome Everyone,

We have slightly changed the structure of our website in order to meet with the changes that have taken place. To the right will be information for you to be able to access that we hope will be helpful during these times.

WB 5.10.2020 we will be sending home a paper copy of our emergency 48 hour remote learning pack as we are aware there are many of you who do not have access to a printer. A further copy of these packs are below.

These packs are to be used in the first 48 hours in the event that: 

a) There is a bubble or class closure

b) There is a national lockdown

c) Your child needs to self-isolate

d) Your child is experiencing symptoms but is well enough to continue to learn at home whilst isolating.

This pack will include instructions for using Google Classroom at home, a curriculum project, and some maths and English activities. Please ensure this is kept in a safe place so that, if it should be needed, you have it to hand.

Please also find below a copy of our Remote Learning Policy. 

Please remember to use the following email address should you have any concerns regarding home learning:

Stay safe and keep well everyone,

Charlotte Faithfull

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