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Hart Plain Junior School


Remote Learning

We are using Google Classroom as the main platform for remote learning. 

Please CLICK HERE to access Google Classroom. 

All children received their school closure packs last term which had a sticker on the front of it which had their Purple Mash username and password. The google classroom password is the same as purple mash; it just has after the username. 

Please use the guides below to support you to log onto Google Classroom. Many devices remember the details for your accounts so, hopefully, you will only need to log in once. 

If you have any problems, please email the year teams at the year group email addresses (see below) or call into the school office.


Google Classroom Walkthroughs

Here is a walkthrough of how to use Google Classroom on the Google Classroom app on a iPad, android tablet or Smartphone. 



Here is a video of how to use Google Classroom on a browser on a laptop, PC, Kindle Fire, XBox or Playstation. 



Accessing on XBox and Playstation 

Did you know that you can also access Google Classroom on an XBox and Playstation? 

Have a look at the guide below to log in. 


Google Meets 

We are now offering weekly Google Meets to give the children at home opportunities to see one another and talk to their teachers. 

Please see the guides below which explain the expectations of the meets and what you need to do in order to access them . 


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