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Hart Plain Junior School


School Day - Timings

Start of day: 8.30am

Our morning bell rings at 8.30am and the classroom doors will be opened at this time. There is a downstairs classroom door for each year group.

Year 3 enter in Darwin

Year 4 enter in Franklin

Year 5 enter in Anning

Year 6 enter in Potter

The doors remain open and monitored by a member of staff until 8.45am. Children can still enter through these doors up until 8.45am but need to be in class, sat down and ready to learn for 8.45am.

After 8.45am children will need to be signed in at the office and will then be marked as late.

Break time: 10.15-10.30am

Lunchtime: 12.00-12.55pm

End of day: 3.15pm

The end of the day bell rings at 3.15pm when the children will then make their way out of the building.

All classes with a back door will exit through these. All upstairs classrooms will exit via their stairwell door.

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