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Hart Plain Junior School


Toolkit Skills


Our curriculum design is based on the idea of developing a core set of skills that each child should possess in order to be able to fully access their learning and then apply this to the world of work. We are adopting a themed curriculum approach which will allow breadth of coverage and highlight links across the subjects rather than discrete areas. These skills will be taught and applied throughout the year in a variety of curriculum areas and contexts to ensure full understanding. Specific teaching will be focussed on one or more of these skills each half term to ensure a progression as children continue through the school.
At Hart Plain Junior School we believe that the focus for pupils and teachers is learning not teaching. For children to learn they need to make sense of information for themselves. The ‘toolkit’ that we are adopting contains the necessary skills that children will need to use to make sense of new information. Children and teachers need to talk actively about this learning and to help with this we have created child friendly names and characters. Using our toolkit across all areas of the curriculum will allow children to apply these learning skills to many different contexts, strengthening their learning and understanding.
We hope that through offering this newly designed curriculum we shall further encourage engagement in learning to ensure that children gain the most from their education. By ensuring that we have a clear understanding of the progression of skills across the school we are able to offer a clear path of learning that allows for the correct level of challenge to be implemented and result in a good level of progress across the key stage.
Once this new curriculum is firmly embedded the next phase of redesign should allow us to move in the direction of personalised learning. This will be accessible as the children will possess the necessary skills in order to further push themselves and their own learning.