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Hart Plain Junior School


What have we done so far?

Last year School Council members once again helped organise and run our annual Enterprise Fayre, which included each councillor delivering a detailed presentation to the PTA in order to gain funds to produce their products.  Presentations were of a very high standard and over £300 was raised to go towards school trips.

They also assisted with the choice of décor for the newly refurbished Year 3 toilets and the planting a new tree in the school grounds.

Towards the end of the year Mr Doig asked councillors to help him by identifying anything in the school which needed to be repaired. They decided to set up a book to report any issues and it is kept in the office and regularly checked by Mr Doig. This will continue next year with newly elected school councillors being asked to assist Mr Doig and our Health Safety governor, with some of their checks and monitoring around the school.

Our School Council also like to help the local community. Money was raised for Mill Hill Children’s centre by council members organising ‘Dress up as a celebrity day. This was a huge success with both and staff and pupils taking part. 

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