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Hart Plain Junior School


Who Are We?

Here at Hart Plain Junior School we believe that each child is unique and that, during their time at Hart Plain, they may be in need of special consideration or support. We are committed to providing equal opportunity for all children to have access to the full benefits of a broad and balanced curriculum. Children will have the support they need to be safe, healthy and enjoy school so that they achieve their full potential. Where possible, our children are involved in the decisions made for them and have the self-confidence to make a positive contribution in their lives. Our highly experienced staff are all here to support you and your child in the best way we can.


We are very proud of our recent Ofsted inspection in February 2020. Here are some extracts:

  • 'This is an inclusive school where adults prioritise identifying how to help pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.'
  • 'Plans are used daily to ensure that all pupils get the same learning opportunities, regardless of their needs.'
  • 'Parents and carers told us that they really value the supportive relationships that staff have with pupils with SEND and their families.'
  • 'Leaders have prioritised support for the mental well-being of their pupils. Staff provide daily opportunities where pupils explore their emotions.'
  • 'Pupils experience a wide range of opportunities that they may not have out of school. As a result, pupils understand more of the world around them and the importance of respecting everyone, regardless of their background or differences.'
  • 'There is a strong and positive safeguarding culture at the school. Key staff have developed good relationships with families who may need extra support.'


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