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Hart Plain Junior School


Your Questions Answered

Here are the questions you've sent into us so far.

If you have any other questios, email us at and we'll add the answers here.

Who will be my teacher in Year 3? There are two teachers in Year 3 next year. You will either have Miss Wiltshire or Miss Ainsworth. Keep an eye on the website and you will be able to find out more information about your new teachers very soon.

What class will I be in? Your teachers at the infant school are busy working out new class lists for you and they will then share them with us. We will then put you into your new class. The classes in Year 3 will be Peake or Franklin. These are named after famous scientists.

How will I find out what class I will be in? Your new teacher will be writing to you at the start of July. This is how you will know which class you are in. 

Will I be able to come and have a look around the school before September? At the moment we are unable to let you do this. Mrs Tunnicliffe is busy taking photos of the school so we can take you on a mini tour. We know this won't be the same but it will help you know where things are and what your classroom may look like. 

How will I know what the adults look like? Our staff are busy writing fun fact sheets for you and these will be uploaded to our website sometime at the start of July. 


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